ASP DotNet Certification

ASP DotNet Syllabus Content

Design the application architecture

• Plan the application layers
• Design a distributed application
• Design and implement the Azure Web Apps life cycle
• Configure state management
• Design a caching strategy
• Design and implement a Web Socket strategy
• Design a configuration management solution
• Interact with the host environment
• Compose an application by using the framework pipeline

Design the build and deployment architecture

• Design a browser artifact build strategy
• Design a server build strategy
• Design a publishing strategy
• Implement an Azure deployment strategy
• Implement a on-premises deployment strategy

Develop the User Experience

• Plan for search engine optimization and accessibility
• Plan and implement globalization and localization
• Design and implement MVC controllers and actions
• Design and implement routes
• Control application behavior by using MVC extensibility points
• Design and implement serialization and model binding

Design the User Experience

• Create elements of the user interface for a web application
• Design and implement UI behavior
• Design the UI layout of an application
• Plan a responsive UI layout
• Plan mobile UI strategy

Troubleshoot and Debug Web Applications

• Prevent and troubleshoot runtime issues
• Design an exception handling strategy
• Test a web application
• Debug an Azure application

Design and Implement Security

• Configure authentication
• Configure and apply authorization
• Design and implement claims-based authentication
• Manage data integrity
• Implement a secure site

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