Challenges with Manual Testing

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Need For Software Testing

Software testing is where it all presumes. Now, this world is completely technology world which is completely commanded by machines, and their nature is controlled by the software. But every time, everywhere will the machines behave exactly as we want?

Currently, all business growth depends on software applications, rather you can say software application success rate is controlled your business growth rate. In case of web application, All web application businesses completely depends on the internet

We can take an example of e-commerce companies, Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, myntra etc. are depends on the customer traffic, rather traffic on their web applications for business. If some fatal thing happens like the prices of products being clear up at Rs 100, because of a little bug in part of the code. Then what will happen, and how can we prevent it for the next time? By using testing techniques like manual or automation, test the code before deployment right.

But as we say before today all applications are web-based. So the fact is web application being tested manually is a challenge for a tester.

Challenges with Manual Testing

Manual-testing, Automation-Testing,Selenium-automation-tool,manual-and-automation-testing,manual-vs-automation-testing,Automation-test-plan,web-application-testing,

Look at the image of a Software tester, who manually verifies the transactions recorded. The challenges he/she is facing cause fatigue, boredom, delay in work, mistakes and errors because of manual work.

  • Manual testing is not accurate at all times due to human error, hence it is less reliable.
  • Manual testing is time-consuming, taking up human resources.
  • Investment is required for human resources.
  • Manual testing is only practical when the test cases are run once or twice, and frequent repetition is not required.
  • Manual testing allows for human observation, which may be more useful if the goal is user-friendliness or improved customer experience.

Manual testing only suited for:

Exploratory Testing: This type of testing requires the tester’s knowledge, experience, analytical/logical skills, creativity, and intuition. The test is characterized here by poorly written specification documentation, and/or a short time for execution. We need the human skills to execute the testing process in this scenario.

Usability Testing: This is an area in which you need to measure how user-friendly, efficient, or convenient the software or product is for the end users. Here, human observation is the most important factor, so a manual approach is preferable.

Ad-hoc Testing: In this testing, there is no specific approach. It is a totally unplanned method of testing where the understanding and insight of the tester is the only important factor.

Hence now a day’s company prefers Automation testing. Selenium is one of the automation tools which most of the company uses, so that requirement for selenium tester is more. So be an expert in Selenium.


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