Commonly Asked Interview Questions

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Hello, friend’s I am here with a new topic on which today we are going to discuss. This blog  Interview Questions is the first blog in the series of Interview Questions and answer for fresher’s and experienced one. There are total 8 blogs in this series, including this one.

This blog’s series’ purpose is to provide interview tips for all job aspirants to do their interview preparation. It will give an insight of technical and non-technical interview

Questions and answers which are often asked by the interviewer.

This will be helpful for experienced and fresher’s.

So let’s start with our first blog commonly ask INTERVIEW QUESTIONS.

For every job aspirant, it is important to know how to give an answer to HR interview questions. Here we are including some commonly asked questions in every field at the time of interview.

One advice that I want to give you doesn’t try to memorize these answers why because you’re not a machine you are a human, so what you need to do is just understand the state of mind from which the answer is coming. And it is sure that you get an idea about how to face interview.

  1. Tell Me About Your Self?

It’s a very basic interview questions not only for the interview but also for our life because in a corporate world every day you meet with some new peoples and your meeting starts with your introduction.

So same with this situation here the interview don’t know you and he/she wants to start a conversation that why from this question they break the ice and try to make you comfortable for the rest of the time.

Your intro shows some glimpse of what you are and it helps the interviewer to understand you.

 Remember, while you are giving the answer it should not be too short or too long it should be simple and short

         How to Answer-

Simply start with your full name, qualification, native place, and current address, then you can add your hobbies like – singing, dancing, book reading, traveling, cooking etc.

After that you can share some of your personal work like any voluntary experience, it’s not compulsory.

From here you can easily switch to your professional skills. Tell them about in what skill you have an expertise and any certification course if you have completed.

Finally, according to the job description make a list of some skills that are required for the position, then ask them how good you are in those skills.

Lastly concludes by covering those things which make you deserving of the job.

  1. What is your Strength

This is also a question which is asked by interviewers most of the time.

Now from this question Interviewer try to know in little depth about you so from here you need to be very much clear and confident about what you are saying.

Your strengths are an important part of your life and you just need to aware of all your strengths. Now you have to pick those strengths which will help to do this job.

By listing your answer the interviewer will judge you on the basis of, is your strength help you get fit in this job?

So answer, according to that, it means your answer should match their requirements and also add a little bit about how you are different from others

           How to Answer

I think the best way is to start with your hardcore skills, then turn to your previous work experience, if you are a fresher then here you can mention your any training experience or project accomplishment.

Share your technical skills in which you are best and try to pick those skills which are in your job descriptions so that they will help you to get the attention of the interviewer.

While giving the answer be specific only mention 3 to 4 things in your strength and relate your strength with an example of your life.

Answer may be like-

I am too strong in content writing skill, from last three years I am working as a copywriter. I know how to write unique content that appeals the readers. I have written many articles, blogs, and press releases for magazines. As a content writer, I am excellent in my work I can easily produce quality content for the Clint.

  1. What is your Weakness?

I personally like this question because it is not a question for judge you, but to check your state of mind of your perspective for life. Many of us really don’t know how to give an answer to this question.

Before giving the answer first wait for a little and think that how you can put your weakness in such a manner where the listener should feel that your approach towards life is positive.

Initially, start with those weaknesses which are not necessarily required for this job position, then from here turn towards those weaknesses which you had in the past but you conquer them by training and practice.

         Answer may be like-

As an SEO Expert, I have to manage client’s website, in that case, a little bit of coding should I know but I am weak in coding part. Also, I am not that good in delivering speech in front of a group of peoples

After this, you can add improvement points like,

 I am perfect in on page SEO but in off page, I was not that good so then started self-learning and implemented on several projects, then finally I got the positive results and ultimately I commanded on off page SEO.

You can also include some of your soft skills in which you were not good, but because of the job requires you turned them into your strength.

  1. Why Should I hire you?

This is the and it often asks interview questions for fresher’s question which makes you different. See, you are not the only who have applied for the job so the question is how you are and where you are different from the rest of the others. For this answer, you have to prepare because this will play an important role in your selection.

It may be also asked, why you should get this job?

Here interviewer wants to know that what makes you special for this job so you have to pitch his/her considering this.


People hire you because they want to sell their service or product or may any technical requirement so you need to tell how you can do this for them on a good level.

         How to Answer

The initial thing is when you are preparing for the interview, kindly make a list of skills that are required for that post, then read them and analyze that where and how you get easily fit for the job.

Take out 3 and 4 skills in which you are master and put some related examples.

 One star mark point is, consider those skills as well, which are not essential for this post, but you owned them and you may be master of that skill.

You can also add your certification detail if there is. It also makes an impact on an interviewer.

Keep it all short in between 2 to 3 minutes.

Remember how unique you are it’s important to show them your uniqueness. 

         Answer may be like as-

  • You can also add your certification detail if there is. It also makes an impact on an interviewer. Keep it all short in between 2 to 3 minutes. Remember how unique you are it’s important to show them your uniqueness
  • This job is for a sales manager who should know how to handle the team and work with them. In my last 10 years experience of sales manager I developed my leadership skill and management skill and because of my optimistic and motivational approach to manage and execute the task, my team accomplished every single target is giving from the company and some of them were done before the deadline. Looking at this scenario constantly 3 years I got manager of the year award and the best team award. Here in this organization, I am willing to give my 100% to and surely in the near future, it will show the positive result.
  1. What is your Salary Expectation?

One of the most important questions that look simple, but actually it’s little difficult here you have to evaluate yourself respective the job profile. So before the interview, you need to evaluate yourself on the basis of your experience and skills then check the market values, how much a person getting for the same profile then you can easily set your expectation.

You need to consider one thing that is your amount should be genuine and it must be comfortable for your survival.

If you are experiencing one you can expect 30 to 40% hike in your current salary.

But remember, don’t initiate this topic from your side leave it for interviewers.

        Answer may be like as-

Sir/Mem as we are discussing from the last few minutes and in that duration you have come to know about so of my skills, work, and experience as well, so I hope that you will do full justice to me and the profile as well.

I think it is the simple and one of the best answers.

  1. Why are you quitting your current job?

The most common question for the experienced one. In this question, the interviewer wants to know the region, which pushing you to change the company. It will also clear that you are leaving the company or you are asked to leave. So it is important from both aspects.

You have to answer in such a way that should put you in a positive light and you need to be confident in your answer.

           Answer may be like as-

  • In my previous company, everything was but after a specific time found that I am not fully utilizing my skills because of the limited approach of the company and I am a guy who loves push limits that why I choose to change.
  • Working with last company it was overall a good experience, but when I come to the technical stuff I found that I have so much to explore, but because of company policy, I couldn’t explore them so there I realized that I should move.
  • My experience with the previous company is awesome there was everything but I am an ambitious guy and want to face and handle the big challenges so I started looking for those companies who can give me the opportunity and hence I am sitting in front of you.
  • This Position suits my Current profile very well and I was looking to work with the growing company and I found that you are the leading growing organization in this sector. Front of you.
  1. Why do you want this job?

This is the question which answers that how much you know about the company and the job position for which you have applied to be conscious about this question.


  • Research about the company in deep, what is their product, services, also their clients also look at their working culture, Work Ethics. Check out their social media accounts, press release, articles one more thing market values and reviews.
  • Tell them how you can be the best fit for their company; here you can showcase your skills, potential, and experience of the previous job.
  • Also add something like if you get the job, then how you can contribute to the betterment and growth of the company.

          Answer may be as-

  • I want to do this job because it allows me to explore every dimension of my domain and that’s what I love to do. And I also found that your company is a place for me and I can also contribute to the growth of the company with my skills
  • When I was researching about this organization I came to know that it is the one of the leading and growing organization and I also want to work with the growing company because my belief is company growth is directly connected with the growth of the employee.
  1. How do you handle the pressure?

It is a very important question because in every job there is a pressure of work and some other kind of stuff also which affect your mental status so the interviewer wants to know how you will deal with them.

Here you have to give examples from your previous job related to the pressure and all. So need to correlate and show him/her that you are mature and capable enough to face and deal with the pressure.

In these examples do not discuss those chip issues of corporate politics but you have put light on those situations which were occurring when you were working on the project so that kind of issues and problems you have to discuss and explain how you overcome them.

You can also mention something learning part of that situation; it will also make an impact on the listener.

        Answer may be like as-

Stress is a part of every work and I think I know how to overcome it without interrupting work. I am an optimistic and a solution-oriented person when these kinds of situation occur I understand the situation then works on the solution. And what I found is, lastly, I Succeed.

  1. What are your goals for the future?

For a This is for about to know that what you have planned for your future so be optimistic and realistic while giving the answer.

        How to answer-

You need to consider one thing that is the way you will put your goals in front of him/her it should relate with them because every company wants to hire those who are willing to work with them in a long-term relationship. So you can set goal considering that company and you can devise them in long term and short term goal.

Your Goal may be related to the position on which you want to work in future or it may be related to your personal Aim.

Now the last question of the Interviewer is,

  1. Do you have any question?

I don’t think I should give you any readymade answer for this is totally up to you and the situation so act according to the situation.

Hope you have learned something from this blog and will help you in your career.

Hence the first blog ends here it elaborated you some interview skills and interview techniques.

written by Abhishek Shrivastava (Digital Marketing Executive)


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