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One of the prime objectives of iTpreneur is also to target school children for making them understand the requirements of future employee and upcoming generation. ITpreneur are here to groom their personality, so that they can face the real life challenges with confidence & ease, the essence of iTpreneur is to serve the society at large. 
ITpreneur partners with different schools to impart this knowledge at reasonable cost. ITpreneur conduct Career assessment Test for the students to take timely decisions for their career options and choose subjects accordingly in IXth class. ITpreneur have made list of about 200+ professions which are common and can be taken as career. ITpreneur also provide those counseling sessions and motivational talks to excel them in studies. ITpreneur prepare a future path for each student and advice them to set goals prepare strategy and follow it for till attainment of objectives. 
The Young Leadership Network, which iTpreneur has designed, intends to offer soft skills curriculum to sixth, seventh, and eighth graders.

The curriculum focuses on the below soft skills areas

Controlling Yourself

self-management, understanding personal strengths and weaknesses

Getting The Job Done

becoming organized, problem solving versus whining, integrity


effective verbal and non-verbal communication, listening skills, manners and attire, asking questions

Handling Differences

conflict resolution, dealing with criticism, finding commonalities, gossip

Navigating Your Environment

a primer to organizational politics, understanding the environment in which you operate, learning that even at school life isn’t fair

Bragging and Branding

the importance of self-promotion, how to promote yourself without seeming fake or coming across as the teacher’s pet

Becoming A Leader In Your Own Life

effective leadership at home, in the community, in friendships; how to become a successful mentor

In the real world, ignoring soft skills is the equivalent of sending kids into the woods without camping gear or at least with nothing but a sleeping bag. A lack of soft skills competency is the number one complaint we hear from companies today about the young people they hire. This same lack is also cited as a major reason for firing an employee.

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