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Are you a job Seeker? I believe most of the folks answers are affirmative.

Yesterday I was reading a post of a Job seeker (fresher), where he was saying that on so called job vacancies portal you cannot get any job because there maximum are (Consultancy Firms) and their work is to make money, an additional factor he mentioned that, MNC firms aren’t Hiring fresher’s.
To some extent its right however not altogether, therefore currently question arises, is there any job vacancy in Market?

It is a real question, however before asking this to anyone 1st we should do some self analysis.

I don’t know what is your profession and what you would like to become in life however it’s bound that several folks really want to begin their career but often we thought that, we are deserving or not?

I know once reading this question you’ll rebelliously say affirmative I’m, but think again In India there’s huge competition between jobseekers and experienced.

I think there could also be 2 percepts of Hiring firms:-

First they like experienced one, as a result, candidate doesn’t want any training or the other vital activities, therefore it scale back the time and additionally cash. Toughened one is aware of the market and the way of work, the way to deal etc.
But there are couples of organization, who prefer Fresher’s rather than experienced one. Reason is a trained person asks for higher paid packages and demands something additional from them. However, a freshman is prepared to learn new things additionally don’t demand something from the corporate.

Lets return to the point, what my expertise is that if the person is calibrate about his skills in his domain then he is surely getting the job, not only it’s about a job but I believe everything he wants to achieve.

What is the meaning of being meritorious?

If you’re an Employment Seeker then something is there that make you deserving,
Your gratitude represent yourself, your communication skills
should be effective, and most importantly your technical skills should be excellent.

One more factor you will raise that we are technically sound and still not getting placed.
To be frank, it’s not like that there is no job for a Fresher, there are just you have to stand-out from the competition. Rather than discussing the issues we must find the solution to cope with it.

Firstly, you must try to attempt; it may happen that you could not be satisfied with your performance, at times you may fail. But one should never lose hopes and believe in oneself. Secondly you may rise and shine.

Someone has rightly said “Try and Fail but don’t fail n Try”.

So friends it’ll not change your title only from job seeker to employee but also it will be an amendment for your whole life.

So Friends, just want to appeal you to keep trying and always keeps hope.

I hope that you just can assume thereon and additionally will try and build yourself deserving for your career and with best wishes for your future and career I rest my pen here.

written by Abhishek Shrivastava (Digital Marketing Executive)


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