How to Choose Career


Whenever this word Career comes to our mind thousands of questions suddenly appears, mostly when we are in 10th, 12th and after graduation also for some people this remains a mystical thing.

Here I will try to make you more aware about how to choose your career.
Let’s start with a very first thing, think little bit who was the first person, gave you advice for your career? Most probably father, mother, sister, brother, cousin, uncle etc.

They are the peoples who mostly advice you or guide you in your career now see, how they know, what you want to be in your career? Definitely they will guide you according to their own likes and dislikes. Because of this many of the students choose any field as a career in which they don’t have any interest. Then they regret for their decision. But This is not the way, The way is very simple!

If you want to start your career the very first thing you need is a Counseling by a Professional who is totally unbiased.

The second important thing is related to you that is, what do you really want to be in your life, analyze yourself first what is your field of interest, because if you don’t know which is your interest then you cannot success in your career.
Third and last is your determination for your career, it plays an important role in your life that how much you are determining for your career goal.
most of the time it happens, that we start efforts but after some rejections we stop or quit.

It is not like that
you need to have some patience and your way must be right. Whatsoever field you are choosing as a career you need to know each and every possible future aspect of your field, with having this in your mind
you can easily plan your career with less chance of failure.

But I am not saying that failure will not come there will be failures, but if you have chosen the right field for your career then every failure will lead you towards your Career goal.

I hope that after reading this you would follow yourself, discover your interest and lead in your career.

written by – Abhishek Shrivastava (Digital Marketing Executive)

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