How to crack and prepare for Open Campus


Today we are here with a very important and mostly asked by our readers to write on, that is How to Prepare for Open Campus.

Today as we all know the level of competition is too high in every sector of employment desperately we are looking for jobs and also trying our best to get a job, but at the same time there is something’s which is missing and I think that is one reason behind not getting a job.

So in this blog, we will discuss on how to prepare for open campus drive, let’s start

Meaning of Open Campus is where ‘N’ number of job aspirants will participate for a limited number of vacancy. Let me clear you one thing there is the difference between open and closed campus drive.

Mostly in every open campus, there are three rounds,

Aptitude and Technical
Group Discussion
Now the very first thing to be prepared a mindset, yes you may think is it relevant?

I will say yes it is relevant because we usually think there will be hundreds of candidates and only a few vacancies are how I will crack, I can not. This is the mindset of a maximum number of candidates and sees a funny thing in it every candidate in deep down in his mind thinking the same thing, don’t you see it’s a joke.

First, we need to overcome with this state of mind because with this mindset you cannot perform your best. And it is too easy to overcome let’s see an example,

When we are waiting for a train on the platform we think the same, looking at the crowd and what we do on the level of mind we magnify the situation to an extreme and it’s a normal thing happen with every human. But what we can do, don’t think how the whole crowd will sit just remember you need only one seat and try to catch that one forget about others. This is just an example.

But the same situation with Open Campus don’t look, other candidates, just see your self and prepare your best and give your best rest Deserving will be placed.

Now let’s drive towards the rounds which you have to crack, the first round is a combination of two things Aptitude and Technical.

Aptitude is all about your intellect, presence of mind, reasoning, sharp mathematics’, logics etc.

According to science, the human brain has two parts or we can say our brain is divided into two part right side of the brain and left side of the brain. So our left side brain conduct the whole activity of reasoning, calculation, logic, analysis etc. it means if we want to improve our aptitude we need to work on our left brain and there are some techniques or we can say exercise or activates that can improve our left brain functioning and by doing them you can easily perform aptitude.

Next is Technical, so technical is totally up to you why?

Because it’s your duty to know each and every possible dimension and concepts of your domain. And you can do it if you are serious about your career. You can do it on your own or with the help of the training institute or by the guidance of any expert.

Second Round is Group Discussion,

Frankly speaking, this round is for those candidates who know how to speak, what to speak and when to speak. You get a topic randomly so you need to in connection with the topic and this can be done by being aware of about current affairs.

So be present mentally at the time of GD, put your views clearly with confidence and Show your Speaking Skill.

Now final Round is HR,

This is also important round but it is very uncertain round nobody knows what kind of questions will be asked by The HR but what I know is if you have cleared above two rounds then supplely you are a Deserving Candidate and now whatsoever the recruiter will ask you are capable to give an answer. What I think is important for this round is your communication skills and confidence.

So I hope after reading this blog many of your questions will be clear and next time when you will participate in any Open Campus Drive You will consider these tips while you are preparing.

Give Your Best Every Time.

We are Glad to Inform You that we have lined up Some Open Campus Drive for IT fresher’s Soon You All will Get Informed.

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written by Abhishek Shrivastava (Digital Marketing Executive)


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