ISTQB Advanced Software Testing Certification

Advanced Level ISTQB Syllabus Content

Testing Process

Testing in the Software Development Lifecycle
Test Planning, Monitoring and Control
Test Analysis
Test Design
Test Implementation
Test Execution
Evaluating Exit Criteria and Reporting
Test Closure Activities

Defect Management

• When Can a Defect be Detected?
• Defect Report Fields
• Defect Classification
• Root Cause Analysis


• Introduction
• Using Checklists in Reviews

Test Techniques

• Introduction
specification-Based Techniques
• Defect-Based Techniques
• Experience-Based Techniques

Testing Software Quality Characteristics

• Introduction
• Quality Characteristics for Business Domain Testing

Test Tools

• Introduction
• Test Tools and Automation

Test Management: Responsibilities for the Test Analyst

Test Progress Monitoring and Control
Distributed, Outsourced and Insourced Testing
The Test Analyst’s Tasks in Risk-Based Testing

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