ITPD HR recruiter Training Program in Pune

What is HR recruiter training program

In simplest term, HR recruiter training has to develop & implement the recruitment Plans & strategy to full the company requirement. HR recruiter is a mediator between company & candidate. Human Resources Recruiter is responsible for delivering all facets of recruiting success throughout the organization. In Other words to find potential candidates, screen them, and recommend them for placement. The process of recruiting may involve both internal and external sourcing methods, thereby requiring these HR professionals to be adept at understanding where and how to locate candidates.

About IT Recruitment

• IT Recruiting is a multi-million dollar industry
• There are lots of businesses whose main focus is IT
• Recruiting, Staffing and Consulting
• Most companies hire Recruiters who have IT Recruiting skills
• Often IT Recruiting amounts to bigger share among all the recruiting within an organization
• As IT positions pay higher than non-IT positions in general, becoming an IT Recruiter is one of the highly sought and highly paid careers in the Recruiting industry.

Program Objective

• To provide students with requisite knowledge and skills to enable them to pursue a career in the HR Industry.
• To provide skill-based professional training for career advancement
• To provide the entry-level and mid-career professionals with concrete building blocks to create a path to full employment and successful career.

Duration: 30 Day

1 Months (Regular/Weekend Batch)

Program Structure:

The course will have regular classroom Lectures, Practical Sessions, Seminars, Tutorials, Case Studies, Assignments and Exams.


• Undergraduates, Any Graduates and Post-Graduates
• Job aspirants looking to make career HR recruitment

Career Prospects:

• Individuals who would like to become IT Recruiters
• Recruiters who work in Information Technology industry
• Regular Recruiters who would transition into IT Recruiting


• Introduction to HR
• Role of HR in Current Scenario
• Introduction to Recruitment
• Role of Recruitment in Current Scenario
• Types of Recruitment
• Recruitment LifeCycle
• IT Recruitment
• Understanding different technologies
• Identifying resumes depending on requirement
• Work on 50+ Live Requirements
• Impressive case studies, Practical Examples, Self-Explanatory Examples and Relevant Examples
• Sharing personal experience and professional experience
• Engagement of people and highly interactive
• Good Teaching and Training, Informative Training
• Good Handout Materials
• Role Play as recruiter and candidate

ITPD HR Training Program Benefits

100% Guaranteed Job on the First Day of your training program
• Great Performance in your current job
• Change your career

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