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.NET is the future of development not only for the Windows platform, but other operating systems as well. If you are not moving to .NET now, you should at least be keeping up to date with it and re evaluating it at regular intervals to determine when you will begin moving to it.
Ignoring this fact will not slow it, or stop it. Those that do not move to it will be dinosaurs. It's better to plan for a migration than to become extinct.
"It's big, and it's Microsoft." Microsoft is spending huge amounts of money on marketing .NET, and wooing companies to move to it. Many managers will move to .NET purely on the basis that Microsoft tells them it is the only future, and when they see their competitors move to .NET.
When companies move, they of course need developers. Learning .NET now assures your future as an employable developer, and gives you a head start and more experience than other developers who wait to learn it at the last minute.

Program Objectives

• To provide students with requisite knowledge and skills to enable them to pursue a career in the IT Industry.
• To provide skill based professional training for career advancement
• To provide the entry level and mid career professionals with concrete building blocks to create a path for full employment and successful career.

iTpreneur Advantage = Pay Fees on Job

• Certified Trainers from the IT industry with rigorous understanding of specialized domain
• Lecture contents prepared by Industry expert
• Live Projects to work on with IT industry standards.
• Focus on cross cultural and various onshore and offshore client oriented trainings
• Weekly workshop from industry experts
• An innovative teaching methodology delivers in- depth knowledge with quality tailored programs that maximize a return on your investment.
• Strategic Association for global certification


100 Hours
2 Months (Regular/Weekday Batch)

Program Structure

The course will have regular classroom Lectures, Practical Sessions, Seminars, Tutorials, Case Studies, Assignments and Exams.


• Undergraduates, Graduates and Post-Graduates
• Job aspirants looking to make career in Dot Net
• No Previous Programming Experience necessary

Career Prospects

DOT NET Fresher, Junior Software Developer, Trainee Developer, Trainee DOT NET Developer, Dot Net Programmer, Software Developer ASP.Net C#, Senior ASP.NET Developer, Asp.Net - Lead Software Engineer

Program Contents / Syllabus

Microsoft .Net Application

Microsoft .Net Web Application

Microsoft .Net Windows Application

Foundation 4.0 (Framework) (30 Hours)

• Introduction of Framework
• Basic Concepts
• Architecture of .NET
• Important Classes
• Inheritance
• Interface
• Namespaces
• Exception Handling
• Multi Threading
• Input/output (I/O)
• Collection
• Generics
• Serialization
• Assembly

Developer (ASP.NET) (50 hours)

• Introduction of ASP.NET Web Site.
• Server Controls
• Specialized Web Server Controls
• Input Validation
• Site Navigation
• ASP.NET State Management
• Master Pages
• Style and Themes
• Asp.Net Ajax
• ADO.NET and XML with ASP.NET
• Store procedure
• Templets
• 3-Tier Architecture
• Working with crystal Report
• Linq
• Authentication and Authorizing
• Introduction of WCF
• Introduction of Jquery
• Introduction of MVC
• Introduction of silverlight
• Sending Email
• Deployment

Developer (WPF) (20 hours)

• Introduction of WPF.
• WPF control
• WPF Event
• Graphics
• Multimedia
• Templates with styles
• Configuring data binding
• Deployment

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