Oracle PL SQL Certification

PL SQL Syllabus Content


• Describing PL/SQL
• Describing the Use of PL/SQL for the Developer and the Database Administrator
• Explaining the Benefits of PL/SQL
• PL/SQL program constructs
• PL/SQL anonymous block structure
• Subprogram block structure
• Course objectives and overview

Declaring Variables

• Recognizing the Basic PL/SQL Block and its Sections
• Describing the significance of variables in PL/SQL
• Distinguishing Between PL/SQL and NON-PL/SQL Variables
• %TYPE and %ROWTYPE Attributes

Writing Executable Statement

• Recognizing the Significance of the Executable Section
• Writing Statements Within the Executable Section
• Describing the Rules of Nested Blocks
• Executing and Testing a PL/SQL Block Using Coding Conventions

Interacting with the Oracle Server

• Writing Successful SELECT statement in PL/SQL
• Declaring the Data Type and Size of PL/SQL Variable Dynamically
• Writing Data Manipulation Language (DML) Statement in PL/SQL
• Controlling Transactions in PL/SQL

Writing Control Structures

• Identifying the users and Types Of control Structures
• Constructing the IF statement
• Constructing and Identifying Different Loop Statement
• Controlling Block Flow using Nested Loops and Labels

Composite Data Types

• PLSQL Record
• PLSQL Table

Writing Explicit Cursors

• Using PL/SQL Record Variable
• Distinguish Between the Implicit and Explicit Cursor
• Writing a cursor FOR Loop

Handling Exceptions

• Defining the Uses of Procedures
• Recognizing Unhandled Exceptions
• Listing and Using Different Types of PL/SQL Exception Handlers

Creating Procedure

• Describe the Uses of Procedure
• Create Procedure
• Create Procedure with argument
• Invoke Procedure
• Remove Procedure
• Sub Procedure

Creating Functions

• Describe the Uses of Function
• Create Function
• Create Function with arguments
• Invoke Function
• Remove Function
• Differentiate between Procedure and Function
• Sub Function

Creating Packages

• Describe Packages
• Create Packages
• Local Variables
• Invoke Objects in Package
• Remove Package

Creating Database Trigger

• Describe different types of triggers
• Database triggers and their use
• Create database triggers
• Drop database triggers

SQL Tuning

• Analyze Command
• TKProf Utility
• Writing Optimized SQL Statements

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