Revolutionize Your resume writing With These Easy-peasy Tips

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Resume writing is the first step towards your successful career.

Why you should have good resume???

  • It gives an idea about your writing skills.
  • It gives your contact Information to an employer.
  • Resume represent you in front of Employer
  • It helps employer to know you better

We have covered following topics

  • Basic Design – Structure & Elements.
  • Do’s & don’t for a Resume
  • Proof Reading to avoid errors.

DO’S for Resume

  • Resume Layout

Font Size – Generally it is 12 and you can use 14 for Headline.

Font type – Times New Roman/Calibri/Arial are professionally used font type but you can be used any decent font type for resume writing.

  • Use Keywords

As we all are aware that 90% of Job is being sourced Online hence keywords is most important to increase the visibility of Recruiter on Job Portal Like Naukri/Monster.

E.g. – Java Fresher – Can use keywords like Core Java, Software Developer, EJB, RMI, Hibernate etc.

  • Use effective titles-

Your resume should not be in descriptive format but use bullet form to describe because recruiter gets thousands of resume and it is impossible to read each and every word in the resume so bullet points help to highlights the important things in it.

Don’t for a Resume

  • Write your Own – Do not Copy from the Internet.
  • Do not take photocopy – Take a clear print.
  • Do not Fold
  • Do not use Jargons/slag words and shortcuts
  • No lies, please

Proofread it twice

  • Spell Check
  • Check Numbers
  • Check Punctuation

Basic Design /Framework

  1. Resume should be 1-2 Pages
  2. All Headlines will be left aligned.

Section  I – Contact Details

  • Name – Clear & Visible
  • Phone No. – Mention Separate Line
  • Email ID – Mention Separate Line

Section II- Objective

An objective must be 2-3 Line. It will be based on below questions. What I want to be?  How can I contribute to company success?

Always relate your objective with general job description; you can also use some words matching with the job description to grab the attention of Interviewer.

Do not use I, My, There like a preposition.

 Section III – Academic Qualification

Table Format??? Or Line Format??? Do not get confused.

Both formats are good but it should be crisp and convey the Information.


It’s a crucial section in a resume and it shows about your practical knowledge and exposure you got in your academic.
Section IV – Project

Project consist of main 3 subsection,

Description, Responsibilities, Key Technologies.

Section V- Training Attended

Mention all relevant Technical training and Certification. If it’s related to job description/role that will help a lot.

Section VI – Skills

  • Technical Skills
  • Other Skills (Mentions only if it’s relevant)

Section VII – Award & Achievement

This is the optional section so if you have anything important and relevant to mention you can mention into this.

e.g. – Attended National Technical Conference on xyz technology

 Section VIII – Personal Details

 Mention other personal Details. Family details are not mandatory but you can add it in 1-2 lines. E.g – Name/ DOB/ Hobbies/ Strength/ Language Known

I am purposely not providing you a sample format because as I mention it earlier it’s always better to write your own resume.



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