Seven Common Mistakes during Job Interview

"interview mistakes"

Hello! Friends, today we are going to discuss on a very important topic related to job seekers that is, “interview mistakes ”. It will show how to crack interview and also you can take it as an interview guide. As a part of a training and placement company I have seen many interviews personally during that time I observed many interviewees and interviewer closely, and then I saw results approx 5% participants were able to crack the interview rest 95% were failing. Out of curiosity, I talked about these issues with several HR’s that why others are not cracking the interviews or what the common mistakes that they are doing during the interview so after a deep analysis. My experiences and discussion with the HR People I came to know about some mistakes that were commonly made by the interviewees. I tried to explain them in seven points so that you can easily understand how to face interview and also you will come know about how to answer interview questions the problem and work on it to conquer.

Let’s start…

  1. Dressing Sense

One of very common but serious mistake I found in some people, they were not properly dressed up for the interview some candidates who were in shorts, some of them was in jeans few numbers of candidates having slippers or sandals. This clearly shows their non serious behavior and I saw the interviewer’s reaction they were saying to the candidates that you are not serious about your career. We can simply avoid this mistake; wear formal clothes (light color shirt, dark color pant, and black or brown formal shoes) this is the finest combination of outfit for interview purpose.


  1. Lack of Preparation

More than 70% of candidate’s interview preparation was poor. They do not have enough knowledge about the company and their resumes also were poor. Now what is interview preparation, it is about to know the company profile, requirements of the job position for you have applied, your own expertise for that position etc. Candidates were not aware enough about this section.

If you are going on an interview first read the job description carefully again and again to understand the requirement of the company then goes through their website to know about the company check their mission, vision, product or service, clients, values, USP etc. take a deep insight into to the company for better preparation. Now, turn toward yourself analyze your resume and ask what things you should add or remove from it, be serious about it because your resume is your representation so be clear and simple while you are editing or preparing your resume.

Your resume should leave an impact on the reader.

Alsok out some current affairs of that company it will also help you in the interview round.

  1. Bod

, checy Language

I am showing examples of three interviewees,

A candidate came in the room and shacked hand with the interviewer, it was like a loose handshake also his eyes were down and when he was talking to the interviewer he was looking here and there his eye contact was so poor and this was showing that he is not comfortable.

Another guy was there when he was speaking his legs were shivering and the way he was seated was causal, this situation shows that the guy is not taking the interview seriously or he is egoistic.

Next one was a girl, she has an inferiority complex, She was continuously messing her hand and in between, she was cutting nails by teeth. Her impression on HR was not good.

 Most of the time it happens with many people, but how can be overcome from such issues, See very first thing which we have to consider is that our body language plays an important role during the interview. Now, what is body language?

It is an important part of interview skills.

As we have languages to communicate same way our body also has a language of communication that is gestures and postures.

The gesture is a movement of part of the body, especially a hand or the head, to express an idea or meaning.

Posture is the position in which someone holds their body when standing or sitting. So you need to pay attention to both things.

When you will make a harmony between your words and your body expression that will definitely make an impact.

One more thing is eye contact, 90% of the communication done by the eyes so your eye contact should be proper when you’re explaining something look properly into the interviewer’s eyes and same when he is asking something to you.

So your body language should be good for the interview questions and answers.

  1. Confidence Level

There were many candidates who were well dressed, well in body language and their technical knowledge was also good but they were only lacking in confidence.

Whatsoever they were speaking, that was right, but the way they were speaking, it was shown that they are not confident about what they are speaking.

It was happening with them because they were not sure about their answers and this kind of situation occurs when your technical preparation is not good but many times it occurs because of lack of confidence.

So just raise your confidence and try to understand one thing whatever you have to, it may be wrong or right don’t care a lot about it just speak it with full confidence.

  1. Presence of Mind

It also plays an important role during the job interview. Presence of mind means when you are in the interview room don’t only present there with a body, your mind also is there, your awareness level should be high at times. Why I am saying this because sometimes the interviewer asks such kind of question which only can be answered if you are aware enough of your surroundings.

For example, what was the wall color of waiting room or who was the first guy you mate when you entered the office?

So when you are waiting for your turn or talking to the interviewer be there with full attention.

  1. Poor Self Expression

We all need to understand one thing that is the power expression. This is the thing which will help you in every dimension of life. When you are speaking with the Human Resource person do one thing express yourself very clearly.

Many of us know the answers to every question from an interviewer, but we can’t express them. It may be because of an inferiority complex. Remove it for yourself this is not going to help you in any way drag it out.

  1. Attitude

Last but a significant thing is your attitude of looking things and towards life, anyone wants to hire a person who have positive attitude for life, because when you are working as a professional then there are many things which creates tension or pressure in an employee, so one who has a positive attitude toward life can easily handle all these things.

So in the interview show your positive attitude to the interviewer because they ask such questions which show your life attitude.

Let’s conclude it, I tried to put some interview mistakes as well as their solution or we can say some interview techniques, but I know there are some other things as well and sure we will discuss on them in the next blog.

Till then learn from and implement in your life.

Thanks for reading.

written by Abhishek Shrivastava (Digital Marketing Executive)




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