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Technical Support Executive is a profile where a trained person who listens to the requirements/changes/faults reported by the client or end-user analyzes them and provides appropriate solution to the same by diagnosing them personally or with the help of respective team either over a phone, email, chat or face to face
It may include :
✓ Enterprise assistance to software product of the company.
✓ Installation & configuration of systems required for softwares.
✓ Diagnosing hardware/ software faults.
✓ Fixing the forgotten passwords, virus or email issues.
✓ Monitoring & maintaining of networks of an organization.

Requisite Qualification

Technical Support Executive profile provides employment in wide educational qualifications. The graduates with following qualities can work as a Tech-Support Executive :
✓ Any Graduate ( B.E. / BCA / BCS / B.Sc. / B.Com )
✓ Excellent verbal communication to understand and convey the message to the client.
✓ Excellent written communication to report the issues to the respective teams or to create a log.
✓ Excellent analyzing skills to resolve the issues at the earliest.
✓ Excellent corporate etiquettes to work with people at all stages.

Benefits of Profile

Technical Support Executive is not a secondary job or unskilled profession. Its benefits are as follows:
✓ Opportunity for all graduates with requisite skillsets.
✓ Competitive salary in industry to start a career and to survive in market.
✓ Opportunity to interact with clients and in-house team in company.
✓ Opportunity to learn whole software architecture or Software Development Life-Cycle (SDLC).
✓ Opportunity to grow faster depending on the no. of extra working hours being invested against the output of the task.
✓ Every company hires for the profile of Tech-Support executives irrespective of the technology they are working for.

Training Module

Training Module will include :
✓ A to Z of verbal communication starting with English grammar.
✓ Professional ways of written communication including emails, articles, documentation, report making, log creation etc.
✓ Corporate etiquettes including behavioral aspects, situation-based dressing styles, body language.
✓ Public addressing skills to attend the meeting, group discussions.
✓ Overall Personality development to get fit into corporate culture.
✓ Tips and Tricks to crack the selection process of Tech-Support Executive for various IT MNCs.

Training Features

✓ Activity Based Classes
✓ Professional Trainer from Microsoft
✓ 40 hours rigorous training
✓ Company based orientation programs
✓ 100% job guarantee in IT MNC's
✓ 250+ Vacancies tier-I every month


80 Hours (Regular/Weekend)

Program Structure:

The course will have 40 days
Activity based
Training, Seminars, Tutorials, Case Studies, Assignments and Exams.


• Graduates and Post-Graduates
• Job aspirants looking to make career in Tech Support

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