Why & How to learn Java

Why-learn-java, how-to-learn-javaWhy & How to learn Java:


We interact with Java on daily basis, whether we acknowledge that fact or not, and on many occasions a website might tell us that we need to install Java in order to browse it, this goes a lot for websites that are flash dependent and have some kind of flash components integrated within the core system.

From laptops to data centres, game consoles to scientific supercomputers, cell phones to the Internet, Java is everywhere!

  • 97% of Enterprise Desktops Run Java
  • 89% of Desktops (or Computers) in the U.S. Run Java
  • 9 Million Java Developers Worldwide
  • #1 Choice for Developers
  • #1 Development Platform
  • 3 Billion Mobile Phones Run Java
  • 100% of Blu-ray Disc Players Ship with Java
  • 5 Billion Java Cards in Use
  • 125 million TV devices run Java
  • 5 of the Top 5 Original Equipment Manufacturers Ship Java ME
  • Lots of Job Opportunities

How to Learn JAVA:

  • Know the history and philosophy of JAVA
  • Understand Java’s Contribution to the Internet
  • Understand the importance to bytecode
  • Know the JAVA buzzword
  • Understand the fundamentals principles of object-oriented programming
  • Create, Compile, and run a simple Java program
  • Use Variables
  • Use if and for control statements
  • Create blocks of codes
  • Understand how statements are positioned, indented, and terminated
  • Know the JAVA keywords
  • Understand the rules for Java identifiers

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