Career in Digital Marketing

The Career in Digital Marketing

This blog is for those who are looking to start a career in digital marketing or confused about a career in digital marketing

Let’s Get Into Blog Career in Digital Marketing

Today marketing is a very important factor for each and every industry.
if you don’t have any plans for marketing then you cannot survive in the market.
If we talk about a scenario before the Internet then we all know the mediums that we use to do Marketing, like as News Paper, Radio, T.V, etc. But after implementation of the Internet, many things have been changed today everything took over by Digitalization. Yes, right now digital mediums are the best way to promote product or services. Digital Marketing came on the market and today it has become an essential part of the marketing field.

Digital Marketing Importance

A question always arises for a newcomer in Digital Marketing that why it is Important or its need? See today every business individual needs a web representation of their Business and with that, they also need their promotion like branding, sale and many other things. There are two ways- First is offline and the second is online. We also know it as traditional ways of marketing, it is a very lengthy and expensive way but the online way is very simple and more effective. So today if you want to make your name in the market, you need proper planning and execution of online marketing.

Your Role’s in Digital Marketing

Here’s a list of the various digital marketing positions available for those seeking a career in this arena:

Digital Marketing Manager
Content Marketing Manager
Content Writers
Inbound Marketing Manager
Social Media Marketing Experts/Specialists
Search Engine Marketers
SEO Executives
Conversion Rate Optimizer
These are some often job role positions for a Digital Marketer.

It is not definitive and the reporting structure could be a little different in different companies.

Let’s see how you can make career in Digital Marketing as

Digital Marketing Manager: A Manager is the head of the Digital Marketing team, he/she is guided and lead the whole team to the projects. If you have 4+ years of experience in digital marketing and if you have done some big projects that show you are a digital marketing expert, any company will hire you. Very interesting part is you don’t need any business expert degree in this field to show your potential. If you are thinking about what will be the salary of such digital marketing experts then it may be in between 10 to 20 Lakhs INR per annum. But it may vary and can go as high as 30+ Lakhs plus and the lowest will be 8 to 9 lakhs.

Content Marketing Manager: Today content is a very important factor in marketing you need a catchy and strong content for maintaining your website ranking Content marketing managers are responsible for content marketing. Content marketing includes managing the blog, sales page, copywriting and email communications, drip marketing campaigns, video marketing and guest blogging.

Content writer: Play an important role in the process of marketing his/her responsibility is to produce fresh content; you can do this work as a freelancer as well. A person who manages this task or Content manager can easily earn between 10-15 lakhs per year, but for this at least you need 3 to 4 years experience. Qualification requirement is very simple either MBA or Digital Marketing Certificate.

Social Media Marketing Expert: Now we are in a very interesting part of digital marketing that is Social media marketing. nowadays people are too crazy for social media that’s why maximum no of marketer use social media for their branding and lead generation. For branding they produce fresh content with images, another thing is by using paid ads they increase social awareness of products and also generate leads from that particular social media platform. For paid ad campaigns and for branding you need a command on social media tactics and the procedures.

Search Engine Marketer: It is also a very important dimension in digital marketing to work on. Search engine marketing is a very big thing. In short, we can say because of the maximum searches we prefer Google. So we can say that it is related to Google Ad Words. The aim of a search engine marketer is to generate paid leads and clicks on the given marketing budget. It’s Mostly of the work is related to keyword research, Campaign Run, Campaign Analysis. For this you need to learn about Google Ad word and any fresher can do this.

Search Engine Optimizer (SEO Executive): SEO (Search Engine Optimization) it is one of the very important parts of Digital Marketing, it is all about how to rank your website in the top list without any expense. If you are dealing or working with a small company then one person can easily manage it, but for a big company one need a team for this particular work, it is a long-term process. If you optimize the website nicely or according to Google then you can easily drive free organic traffic to your website that will increase your website ranking and page ranking as well. The role of the SEO expert is keyword research, user experience optimization, using Google webmaster tools, getting pages indexed, manage all task related to SEO and so on.

Above mentioned are some job positions where you can make a career in Digital Marketing.

At the end of this blog we can say that today Digital Marketing is a perfect industry for startup and also according to the time of India article on automation after implementation of automation in industries Digital Marketing will be one of the Job Sector available for Career opportunities,

I hope that the above information will help you to understand a career in digital marketing.

I Rest My Pen Here.

Writer – Abhishek Shrivastava (Digital Marketing Manager)

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