Digital Marketing as a Career

As per a research report 4.14 billion unique mobile phone users globally. And the demand for Digital Marketing professionals will be more than 20 lakh by 2022. (Placement India)

The year 2020 will always be remembered by most individuals as a year of catastrophic episodes, however, for digital marketers, it was a boom time.

As more people started spending online in their homes,  the need for digital marketers grew. While people started losing jobs, digital marketers started getting job offers as businesses began to realize that their locked-up target audience is still available online.

Physical stores shifted online, restaurants started home delivery exclusively, influencers started making use of the home front.

Digital Marketing encaptivates various modules that are used in combinations for various industries.

A digital marketer can experience the thrill of creating awe-inspiring content in the form of Content writers, designers, and videographers.

Many people who initially started as artists have now adapted to online illustrative designing.

Videographers have become video editors. The online marketing industry has created room for talented individuals who have found expression through digital media.

Another aspect of digital marketing is website development. Dynamic website with intuitive UI and a coherent structure has become the need of the hour as businesses have gone online. An individual is required to do a PHP or a UI UX course before entering the field of web development.

Most of us do spend our time on Facebook or Instagram or if we are searching for a job on LinkedIn and online debates with strangers we spend time on Twitter.

Other than entertainment, social media offers a great platform for small and medium businesses to promote their businesses online giving room to social media executives.

And while spending time online we often time see sponsored content. These paid ads are run by ad campaign executives who enjoy the game of numbers and lead generation. A high-pressure and overtly exciting job profile is that of a Google PPC or Paid campaign specialist.

As an extension of paid ads, we now see pragmatic ads been run on various channels such as OLA and Zomato Ads. This cross-platform online advertising is possible using soft wares that specialize and track the buyer journey.

And if paid campaigns are a bit too much for you, you could always opt for the SEO executive. Search engine optimization comprises of working on the on-page aspects of a website and off-page along with Local SEO.

Another job that the field offers is that of Email Marketing executives, who create email copies that are used by both B2B and B2C businesses worldwide.

The job market for Digital Marketers is ever-growing, but are you fit to keep up with the growing pressure of changing trends and the evolution of technology is a question one needs to ask themselves.

Today Digital Marketing is evolving towards AI, machine learning, and augmented reality. A fast-paced target audience and a chance to reach people across the globe. The job of a digital marketer requires tremendous attention, flexibility, patience, a curve for learning, and a deep interest in technology.

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