Effect of Automation in IT-Service

From Last Few Months we are listing the name of Automation a lot, but what is this automation and is it going to Effect IT Industry of India? This Question is in maximum people’s mind, this blog will give you inside on this question.

We can say, Automation is Technique in Which any Device or System Operates automatically without external interference. In it, you can easily monitor and control the production and delivery of products and services. In the profession of Automation every person from Creator to Applicant and one who Monitor or Control the Process play an important role in this. One who is in the Creation and Application of the technology to monitor and control the production process and delivery of Product and Service is an Automation Professional.

IT in India is a huge sector of employment and it is providing do but from last few months something has changed and companies hiring fewer fresher’s due to automation of entry-level jobs. Right now many IT Companies implement Automation Technology in their services and because of this the need for human resource decreasing in spite of that a robotics doing their work. one more issue is US President Donald Trump insisting to IT Service providers, that in America you must have to hire Americans for Service and because of that, the onsite need for Indian Expert is reducing.

It’s fact that IT Industry Hire a maximum number of candidates compared to any other industry but after implementation of Automation Robotics, perhaps 70% offshore IT Jobs and 20%, 30% finance job will disappear in upcoming 10 years In India. According to a recent World Bank report, automation threatens 7 out of 10 jobs in India. After the automation in spite of hiring a new candidate company will Re-skill existing Employees.

Statement of Some Expert’s on Automation

Wipro HR head Saurabh Govil said
Automation has been changing every sector and putting the squeeze on people, and it’s now the turn of IT. “If you consider the various jobs that any industry has, it is likely that repetitive tasks that can be performed better by systems with artificial intelligence are the jobs that will go away,”

Richard Lobo(executive vice-president and head of HR at Infosys) says,
“We continue our relentless focus on introducing automation across our projects in the backdrop of pricing pressure in traditional services and we expect this to reflect in our future hiring,”.

Infosys chief executive Vishal Sikka said in a recent conference call with analysts.
Automation will help companies improve operating margins. The employees, who are released, are trained to work on more advanced projects. But there is one thing more that we should consider that is when some jobs get eliminated, many more will be created it is also a fact, yes right now we cannot say anything far from this but yes any technology ultimately gives benefit to the peoples.

Let’s see some pro and cons of Automation,
1. The very first profit of automation is it will reduce the cost of human labor.
2. It will increase Productivity and also the quality of the Product.
3. It will also increase the Consistency of the process, also decrease the cycle time.
4. It can also perform those tasks which human cannot.
5. One of the most important benefits I think will be that it will generate in job opportunity development, deployment, maintenance and running of the automated processes.

1. The automated system may have a limited level of intelligence so some Errors are that cannot be resolved by the Robotics. Means it cannot apply the rules of simple logic to general propositions
2. In this Development process the Cost can very any time we cannot predict it, and also the initial cost of Implementing is higher compared to a traditional setup.

In our last Blog Discussed about that Available job who will trend after Implementation of Artificial Intelligence, you can also read that to know.
So finally we can say and hope that overall the new implementation of Artificial Intelligence will bring some new Job Opportunities and also open new Dimension for Work.

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