How to crack Aptitude

How to Crack Aptitude

today we are going to know, how to crack aptitude and how to prepare for the aptitude test.

Let’s Get Into How to Crack Aptitude –

Aptitude today is one of the very initial and important tests conducts by the companies in the recruiting process. It’s an easy way to shortlist candidates. We can say Aptitude is a test designed to determine a person’s ability in a particular skill or field of knowledge. Aptitude tests are one of the most commonly used assessments in measuring candidates’ appropriate for a role. The most commonly used in this set of cognitive tests includes – abstract/conceptual reasoning, verbal reasoning, and numerical reasoning.

Types of Aptitude tests-
We can group Aptitude tests according to the type of subjective ability they measure:

  1. Fluid Intelligence

Fluid intelligence is the ability to think and reason abstractly, effectively solve problems and think strategically. Its ability to think quickly. Examples of what employers can learn from your fluid intelligence about your ability for the role you are applying:

Effective problem-solving skills
Ability to quickly learn new skills
Ability to quickly integrate new information
Strategic thinking
Ability to deal with ambiguity in decision making
Aptitude tests in this group include:
Abstract or conceptual aptitude tests
Diagrammatic reasoning tests
Inductive reasoning tests
Logical reasoning tests

What to expect in Fluid Intelligence aptitude test:
Nonverbal test questions which must be completed at a predefined time.

You typically have around 30 seconds to complete each test question.

Each test question includes a scenario and multiple answer options. There is only one correct answer.

  1. Crystallized Intelligence
    Crystallized Intelligenceis about to learn from past experiences and then apply those experiences in this learning to work-related situations. The situations in this work require crystallized intelligence include producing and analyzing written reports.
    It Includes:-
    Verbal aptitude tests
    Numerical aptitude tests
    Spatial aptitude tests
    Mechanical reasoning tests

What we can expect in this Crystallized Intelligence test:
A set of verbal or numerical problems which must be completed in a predefined time. And most important each test question has only one correct answer. Questions will be like, written information as statements, tables or graphs.
So what you have to do is to quickly analyze the given question and then make a correct answer.

This all the process of Aptitude Test, so now what is our goal? How can we crack it?
See aptitude is more about your awareness, like how much you are present at the moment when you are performing the test it all needs a peaceful mind with the practice of the basic concept of aptitude. Our goal is to crack the add successfully. We can crack it easily if we follow some basic things such as,
1. Read the question carefully once and twice, we always in a hurry to solve the question but the answer to the question already hidden in the question itself, so read it carefully.
2. One more thing is some questions will be very basic and you can give answers without any or little paperwork, so first attempt them.
3. Then go for those questions with whom your concept is clear.
4. If a question is long then divide it into some part and then solve it.
5. Be aware of time.
6. Lastly, attempt those questions which are hard according to you.

These all are the practically implemented Techniques, once if you consider these points, it will help you to crack the aptitude test, and the result of success will increase. Hope this blog how to crack aptitude will help you to improve your skills.

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