The pandemic changed the way we lived, it changed the way we worked, and subsequently, it changed the way companies engaged with hiring. While we saw a lot of online tools come into play, many companies had to do away with bulk hiring from campuses.

In-person interviews became zoom interviews, pre-screening rounds were limited and more focus was given to skills. An absence of the right technical skills brought on a bottleneck situation for recruiters and hiring managers.

However, a simpler solution was around the corner. Trained fresher candidates who were skilled in particular technologies such as Azure, Dot Net, Salesforce, Java, Python, Database, SQL were available via iTpreneur’s Hybrid Placement Module.

Hybrid Training addresses the challenges faced by companies that are willing to onboard fresh talent however step back due to lack of skill development. It is a well-known fact now that students who are freshly out of the university are adept in theory but lack the practical exposure to deliver results that are expected.

This skill gap is covered by extensive industry-level training and working on live projects provided by Corporate Trainers who inculcate a sense of discipline regarding deadlines and expose candidates to waterfall and agile work modules.

The training is designed keeping in mind the current industry standards so that the candidates can be on the floor and working without much delay.

Another aspect that needed to be addressed was soft skills. Given the work-from-home scenario, a student fresh out of college has no idea as to how he can adapt to company culture online. Verbal-nonverbal communication sometimes loses its element due to no physical presence of the manager. This creates a void in creating performing teams that can depend on each other’s competence. iTpreneur’s hybrid training module allows companies’ hiring managers to create teams while students are undergoing training. There is room for the project manager to tweak the training and also have formal and semi-formal interactions as and when needed.

An innovative solution works as an intermediate path that breaks the barriers created by the pandemic in today’s workforce.

Many of our clients have opted for a yearly contract that fulfills their bulk-hiring requirements, as well as addresses guarantee of tech-trained freshers who are familiar with the companies, work culture, and their respective managers.

While iTpreneur has been providing trained candidates to industry leaders for about a decade, the hybrid training was a brainchild of our director, Mr. Pranit Kasvekar who handles our placement department and works closely with head HRs. He created the first Hire, Train & Deploy model in 2020 where one of our clients faced a dire issue in onboarding and training candidates for one of their prime projects.

In the last 18 months, Hire, Train & Deploy under the Hybrid Training model has acquired substantial success and has been opted by many IT Companies across India. While many claimed that it may or may not be successful; the feedback and repeated requirements tell a different story; a story of great teams built on iTpreneur’s expertise and vision and are value-driven models created solely on the changing trends of IT recruitment.