The pandemic has shaken, stirred, and changed the way we live. Living indoors meant a higher dependency on technology.  While the pandemic saw a lot of people lose their livelihoods, the field of technology thrived. Where mid-management roles became redundant, the fresher placements saw a peak like never before.

However, we did also see some other trends picking up the pace. Interviews shifted online, pre-screening was done by AI and onboarding, manual was scripted to perfection.

A linear hole in this model came to the surface. Technology skill gap, induction programs, employee engagement activities, behavior analysis, and buddy training took a big hit. While many processes became seamless in integration, it was noted specifically by recruitment managers that onboarding and induction are always better in person.

An employee learns various processes of the organization by working physically on the premises of the company. And work from home may not be feasible to inculcate the working philosophy of an organization. The values and the vision is better incorporated in new joiners via the process of osmosis.

The pertinent skill gap became imminent and needed to be addressed. Itpreneur staffing saw this widening gap and introduced the Hire, Train and Deploy Program. A program that is specifically designed to introduce candidates to the practical aspects of languages and frameworks. More than 80% of our clientele hire candidates from this model as it creates a workforce that is an instant organizational fit.

However, specific requirements require some tweaking of the program which is why we charted out the Hybrid Training Module. This program fits hiring managers’ needs and addresses the need of project managers to mold the training to fit the projects. The Hybrid Training Module offers ongoing intervention and semi-formal interactions between the company and the candidates at various stages.

A third option is to customize the training entirely to fit the organization. Here the candidates are pre-screened and are taught languages and frameworks that are entirely customized as per the requirements.

For mid-management who lost their jobs due to the pandemic but have calibrated experience, we have launched a specific capsule upskilling program that lasts less than a month and with a promise of a sturdy future.  

We cannot predict what the future holds for the IT workforce. But as long as there is IT technology prevalent with the help of LMS and Online classes, Itpreneur staffing can address the needs of trained and talented individuals that will easily adapt to company cultures.

The pandemic doesn’t show any signs of receding with multiple new variants and partial and full lockdowns still popular with world leaders. At this stage of clear and unprecedented danger lurking, the IT industry has been the stable arch that saves us all.

With the dependency on tele-medics, online shopping, grocery and retail, and the boom of digital marketing it is now even more potent than we give the It industry the credit it deserves backed with the support of a substantial workforce that can sustain the pressures and perils of the pandemic.