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Hire, Train & Deploy

One of our most successful programs that enable recruiters to simply select the technologies, share their timelines and deploy the employees on the floor. This program enables ease of hiring of talented and trained individuals pre-screened as per company norms. This program comes at a zero cost to the company.

Hybrid Training

Hybrid Training Program enables manager expectations and interventions at various intervals of training. Online or offline presence channels are created between candidates and the hiring managers to ensure a smooth transition at the time of onboarding. Hybrid Training works at a dual-level that serves the purpose of the recruiter as well as the project managers and is available at no cost or managed training hours for the manager involved in the training.

Customized Training & Hiring

Leverage the advantages of Customised Training as per project requirements. The candidates will be pre-screened and trained on specific technologies only. This particular program enables candidates to hone skills that will be needed to practically implement technologies focused on the project requirements.

Contractual Employees

Contractual employees are available in the experienced and fresher categories for a stipulated time period for a particular technology. These candidates will help reduce cost overheads and help in contingency planning of the organizations without additional overhead costs of maintaining them for the long run.

Bench Freshers

Bench Freshers enable companies to hire in bulk without maintaining employees in their own infrastructure. Now companies can hire trained freshers and maintain them on the bench prior to their need on the projects. Bench Freshers will enable instantaneous project deliveries based on a shared commercial arrangement.

Virtual Staff

Virtual Staff or work from home staff will be hired by Itpreneur who could be technical or non-technical based on the company requirements. The hiring process would include pre-screening rounds and baseline training along with logistics control. The virtual staff has been identified as one of the most popular hiring trends in the post-pandemic era.