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iTpreneur is one of the Best IT Training Institutes in Pune dedicated to introducing new skills and talent into Pune’s IT sector. We are a proudly unique company with services covering all levels of IT recruitment and skill development.

Since 2014 we have helped over 4000 people launch their careers in the Tech and Digital industries and supported their further development with our blend of training and recruitment services.

Across all our services, our mission is simple. To make IT happen – for the benefit of our candidates, our clients, and the growing IT sector in Pune.


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Our Vision

  • One day, all the student in this nation will have the opportunity to get their Dream Job.
  • To drive a new era of development, growth, and productivity.
  • To reach whole new level by providing the best IT services in India

Our Mission

A vision without an action is just a Dream

  • To inspire all the students by giving them knowledge to get their Dream Job.
  • We work hard every day to become world’s most respected institute brand.
  • To provide an education that transforms students through rigorous coursework and by providing an understanding of the needs of society and industry.
  • Inspire employees to learn more productively by providing focus and common goals

Why iTPreneur?

“Itpreneur is committed to helping IT students to reach their goals, to personalizing their experiences, to get their dream job providing an innovative environment, and to make a difference.

iTpreneur, is emerging as one of the best IT Training Institutes in Pune with a focus on providing High-Quality Job Oriented Training, Talent Management, Campus Recruitment, and Contract Staffing services to individuals & IT organizations. We are committed to offering people related services with a view to enhancing human talent in the organizations and hence resulting in overall organizational growth at large. iTpreneur conducts Campus to Corporate, in-house training to increase the employability of students. We create lasting relationships with our clients by providing them with the best talent which will consistently deliver value.

The challenge with students is that they don’t have adequate practical knowledge in colleges, no facility, issues related to business language and urban & rural education system, We provide Live Project Training and groom our students to excel as future executives and IT professionals who can compete with the very best in the global arena and cater to the growing demands of the corporate world. We believe in developing professionals who believe in themselves and are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art skills in their respective fields, professionals who are confident and can compete in the challenging world. iTpreneur is emerging as the ultimate destination for several engineers and professionals.

Our organization has gained a reputation as a successful training and placement firm. We are involved in various technical, nontechnical training, and placement services in the information technology sector. We help organizations find the best employees as per the profile requirement to fit in the organizational culture.”

We always push learning beyond the cutting edge.
Keeping at the forefront of learning technology means we can offer you quality training in more domains other than IT Sector. Our industry associations help us with inputs about the new trends in the industry which helps us to upgrade our courses to keep your training lag-free and relevant to tomorrow’s workplace.

We believe that there’s no substitute for experience.
Learning skills is important, but to be able to use them to make real, lasting change in your workplace, you need to call on the experience of those who’ve done it before. Our all trainers have all come from industry, bringing with them years of real-world experience of using the skills that they teach. So you can rest assured that from your first day in the office, you’ll be able to perform and derive excellent results.

We strive to exceed our high professional standards.
At iTpreneur, we set ourselves at high standards. We aim to be open, fair and responsible in everything we do. Which means that if we make you a promise, we’ll stick to it, and if we make a mistake, we’ll put it right. Our people go even further, always raising standards and going above and beyond the call of duty to get our students the service they deserve.

We aim to be the trusted learning provider for all our students.
Our relationship with every student is hugely important to us. We treat every individual with respect, we honour our commitments and we go the extra mile to make sure we exceed expectations. We work to earn your trust with every interaction we have with you.

We believe that service is always personal.
Whatever you choose to learn with us, we aim to give you a truly personal experience. That’s because we know, every learner is different. From your first contact with us, we’ll help you to pinpoint the precise training you need. Our trainers adapt their sessions to the learners’ experience levels, making sure that every individual gets the most out of their time with us.

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