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5 Reasons to choose Python programming as a career

5 Reasons to Choose Python Programming as a Career

I am sure you must be eager to read about the Python programming language to choose it as a career option. We always find ourselves in a dilemma while seeking answers for career-related questions that what we should opt for to lock better opportunities in the future.  Especially, students who have just passed out of engineering college and want to open lucrative doors in the IT industry to start their career may encounter questions like which domain to choose and what will be the scope in the future. To work in the IT industry one must master the knowledge of programming and software. This blog will give you an insight into Python and what scope it holds in the future.

Python, designed by Guido Van Rossum, a Dutch programmer in the year 1991 is a universally used high-level and general-purpose programming language that emphasizes code readability, notably using significant whitespace. Python is one of the languages which is simple and powerful from a programmer’s perception. It is also a dynamically typed language because it carries out error checking at runtime.

Python is one of the fastest-growing programming languages in comparison to other programming languages because it has experienced success in a short span of time as far as its adoption is concerned. In fact, it has been aiding as the best programming language for application development, web development, GIS, Mapping, scripting, game development, system administration, scientific and numeric computing, etc. Survey says it’s the second most popular language this year after Java.

Why Python over other languages?

  • The reason behind the colossal popularity of the Python programming language across the world is the feature it offers. Programmer or developer finds it very flexible, object-oriented, imperative, procedural, functional, etc.
  • It’s an open-source language which means it is easily available on the internet and you need not buy the costly license. As it is easy to learn, it makes troubleshooting bugs tranquil for programmers on a large scale.
  • Python is time-saving as it offers fewer lines of code and does not require variable declaration. In addition, variables in python programming are reusable. It also provides comfort to the programmers while coding because of its extensive standard libraries and its tool that enhances the overall functionality.
  • It has a vast support system that provides a solution to the programmers and you may also find new ideas regarding Python technology or change in its version.
  • Big brands and industry giants like Google, Spotify, and Netflix generate insights and build products also use them to solve their complex problems. In comparison to other programming languages, python does not define the scope of functions or loops within parenthesis rather it uses indentation for defining scope.
  • Unlike Java, it has simpler syntaxes and multiple lines of code reframed to a single line of code like swapping of variables. Here is an example to explain you better;

Java:      int temp = x;

                x = y;

                y = temp;

Python:                                x, y = y, x

Use of Python in different Domains

  1. IOT: Internet of things

In uncomplicated terms, IOT i.e. internet of things is the concept of connecting any device to the internet and to other connected devices. Devices and objects with built-in sensors are connected to an Internet of Things, which incorporates data from different devices and applies analytics to share the important information with the devices which have built-in sensors to address the specific needs. The information picked up by connected devices enables a person to make a better decision further. Now you must be thinking about how the Python language works in IoT does. Python is very flexible than any other programming language like Java, C, or C++ and has become a beneficial resource for web development. It helps IoT projects as it supports entrenched programming and has made significant changes in IoT developers. As a developer or programmer, you will find Python as a good option for data-intensive applications, especially for complex data. IoT is no different from any other application we use, it just requires you to perform everything at once. For any website or application development, a lot of coding takes place in the back end.  Thus, Python as a programming language stands out best among the rest because it simplifies even complex data.

  1. Data Analytics

Data analytics is the process of examining any data to infer about the information they contain. Data analytics tools and techniques are broadly used by corporates or IT industries to empower organizations for better-informed decision making. In addition, data analytics ingenuities can help any business to increase their revenue and in growth in the market.

There are some errors which are found before data is completely ready and fixing those errors and cleaning any bugs is called data mugging. The data analyst with core knowledge of Python and data sets and data structure is proficient in any data analytic job.

  1. Data scientist

A data scientist is a person employed to analyze, collect and interpret a giant amount of data to aid businesses or organizations to gain a vying edge over rivals with growth. The demand for data science skills has grown considerably in recent years as companies looking to gather the information that large enterprises produce called big data. Python helps data scientists as it’s a multi-paradigm programming language that succors object-oriented programming, structured programming, and functional programming among other languages. The full-fledged programming nature of python makes it an impeccable fit to effectuate algorithms.

  1. Business analytics

Business analytics is used to measure the performance of any business or organization to derive insights that can be used for future business planning. This field is now applied across all domains and industries with more amounts of data generated. In the back end, you need to extract data from different sources which will be useful for dashboarding and reporting. Being business analytics you will need to handle a lot of data and Python is more than a complete language that will ease your task. Python has a powerful data analysis library to handle data and with this, you can perform cleaning, aggregation, visualizations, and much other advanced analysis of your data.

To stipulate, that why python programming language has a bright future is because it is versatile, robust, comprehensive, and most demandable in the IT industry these days as chances are you will get paid more compared to the other programming languages. With the initiation of the IT industry, the career opportunities with the python programming language have grown significantly. Therefore it leads to increased demand for python professionals who can easily perform the programming task given to them without facing many troubles. With the right attitude to learn and the right training, Python has a lot to offer you as a fresher.  If you want a career as a developer then you need to be well versed in a bunch of different programming languages. If you are an opportunity seeker and want to grow career-wise with technology then you can opt for Python programming as a career.

Thank you for reading the Top 5 Reasons to choose Python and Career Opportunities blog and I hope you find this blog relevant.

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