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Future In IT – A Must Read Blog After Automation

This article is about the future in IT. The day when the IT Industry Started in India was a very important day for all of us, it was 1967 and the place was Mumbai. IT sector contributed so much to India it also helped to grow the Indian Economy as well. IT gave many youngsters employment. India is the second-largest exporter of IT. Right now, the Indian IT market focuses on providing low-cost solutions in the services business of global IT. IT plays an important role in the development of India, but right now we are watching a totally different face of IT because of the US President’s new rules and regulations and the implementation of the Artificial Intelligence IT Sector stuck a little bit. Artificial Intelligence is taking over the maximum number of IT workers’ jobs, as we have already seen this year many IT workers fired from the top MNC.

But now the question arises what will be the future of IT in India. So, we can say that change is part of Nature so it’s ok like that we should take it easy and need to upgrade. Now we have to upgrade ourselves with the technology, because of Artificial Intelligence everything is not going to be over. There will be many more options open on which you can work in IT, only some specific domains will disappear but there are many other domains as well on which you can make your career. At the turn of the century, a boom in the IT sector led by companies such as TCS, Infosys, and Wipro translated into the creation of thousands of white-collar jobs in the country, and a relatively easy opportunity to work onsite. But as the nature of the work was more mundane, the cheap availability of adequately skilled professionals in India and the ease of working in foreign markets helped major IT firms continue to hire large numbers of IT graduates year after year.

With the changing times, the IT industry has witnessed a change in these exact parameters; automation and protectionist policies are forcing the big IT companies to rethink their hiring policies. With shortening profit margins, IT companies are aiming to revamp their business models, acquire companies to diversify their core offering to accommodate changing demands, and are slowly opening up to adopting automation to make their processes more efficient. So by this, we can say that with understanding the change we can sustain and make our career.

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