Which IT Course has the highest market value in 2021?

As per the revolution and increase in IT technology, There are various IT Courses Available for students, to grow their career towards future success. IT Courses offers a chance to gain more knowledge and skills on a specific platform to the candidate. Candidates are looking for a career that rewards the right job with the best salary maybe even better.

IT Certification courses help to access advanced training, information, and knowledge on updated tools, technologies. Also, Certification helps the employer, once candidates earn IT Certification; they can join a select group of individuals – a peer group with demo skills.

If you are looking forward to going for an IT course with the highest salary or certification, we have listed some IT courses below that will be sought in 2021.

  1. Data Science: The data scientist’s role they fetch data, construct data, maintain a database and segregate the data for multiple needs. Also, work on Data Visualization and Analysis.

The Skilled required:

  • Statistical analysis
  • Machine learning
  • Computer science
  • Programming
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Business acumen

Data Science offers the 4 – 12 LPA to certified experts even if they don’t have any work experience. After 5 – 10 years of experience, the package will be 60 -70 LPA. This is the highest-paying job in India.

The Average Salary in India: 9,50,000

  1. Fullstack:

Full-stack developers are responsible for all surfaces of development, from front-end to backend, database, and even testing and debugging. Once you get certified in all the database and frontend backend programming then you can secure your job with a high-scale salary.

The Skilled required for full-stack

  • Frond End : HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, React
  • Backend: Java, .net, Python
  • Database: MySQL, Mongo DB, Oracle, SQL, PLSQL

Full-stack developer freshers get a minimum 3.7 PLA salary, 1-4 years of experience will get 5.5 LPA and mid-level developers with 5 -9 years’ experience will get

Approximately 13.7 LPA.

  1. Cloud computing:

Cloud computing has the gaining momentum in India. It offers immense potential and benefits for all types of organizations. Also, certification in cloud computing enhances the skills required for deploying dynamically scalable and reliable applications.

Skilled required:

  • Technical Skills: HTML and computing fundamentals
  • Business Concepts: Cloud engineers should know the terminologies such as ROI, marketing strategies land business plan.
  • Data Analysis: Handled immense data and optimally use ERP systems.
  • Data Security: Cloud computing also focuses on the security of data.
  • Project Management: Knowledge of risk management, service agreements, and integration with other processes which are essentials.

Salary for cloud computing 0-3 and 4-9 years of experienced has approximately 12 LPA and 17-19 LPA Respectively.

  1. Cyber Security:

  In the Digital World, with increasing cyber threats the cybersecurity jobs increasing in demand. This year Cybersecurity products and services are increases by 15 to 17%. The candidates with cybersecurity certification are more in demand.

Skills required :

Problem Solving Skill, SIEM Management, Analytics and intelligence, firewall/IDS/IPS skills, intrusion detection, Application Development Security, Advanced Malware prevention, Data management Protection, Digital Forensics, Identity, and access management.

The Average salary for cybersecurity for fresher will start from 4.5 LPA and for Experienced with 5 to 10 has approximately 13-14 LPA.

  1. Blockchain:

 Blockchain represents critical industries like real estate, health care, insurance and now blockchain makes up a core part of the government project.

Skills required

  • An understanding of Blockchain architecture, data structures, distributed systems.
  • Foundational knowledge in Cryptography and decentralized applications (DApps).
  • Knowledge of web development and Smart Contract development.
  • Good knowledge of Blockchain platforms like Etheruem, Hyperledger, Fabric, EOS, etc.

The average salary for blockchain technology in India is 8.5 LPA. Salary will vary With your skills and experience. with the growing demand for ML, professionals will be the highest salary approximately 45 LPA.

  1. Artificial Intelligence :

AI is the most growing technology and touching every aspect of business operation. So that the job opportunity in AL is high in demand. To Succeeding in this field you require perfects skills and knowledge.

Skills required:

  • Programming language
  • Linear algebra, calculus, statistics
  • Signal processing techniques
  • Applied math and algorithm
  • Neural network architectures

The average salary of an Artificial Intelligent Software Engineer is INR 3.6LPA

The average salary of an Algorithm Engineer in India is INR 7,32,301.

  1. Software Development:

 This will be the core of IT strategy. As a Software Developer, you might be aware of various programming languages and software development processes. There are so many IT training courses with a certificate that will open up opportunities in Software Development.

Skilled Required: C++, Java, .Net, ReactJS, javascript, IOS, Android etc.

The average salary per year in India: approximately 5LPA

Salary will vary with your experience and skills.


Technology has become very advantageous over the years, and all of this has been achieved through the countless Improvement of computer professionals.

If you want to grow your profession with growing technologies there are many Job Oriented training courses with certification available. This is not only providing you high-quality training but also a 100% job guarantee with a good salary package.

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