Oracle Database Development (SQL, PLSQL)

Oracle Database Development (SQL, PLSQL)

Course Description

Oracle Database SQL PLSQL Training Course

The ITpreneur is providing the best Oracle Database SQL PLSQL Training Course in Pune to jump-start and refines your database education with a 100 % job guarantee, wherein you can pay the training fees on the job. We provide Oracle Training with in-depth knowledge of building a database application using the advanced features of PL/SQL.

Oracle Database is also known as Oracle RDBMS [relational database management system] or just Oracle. Oracle database management and process data across a wide and local area network. We at ITpreneur provide Oracle Database training which is designed to help the beginner.


Databases are one of the most important components of modern computer technology. Every company requires at least one database administrator (DBA) to administer it.

If the Oracle database system is larger then it’s not a person’s job, in such a case, there is a group of DBA’s who share the responsibility. In the Oracle DBA training, a database administrator is one of the highly sought-after jobs in the IT industry.

It is also one of the highly stable jobs as DATA is a vital part of every IT industry and they need that to be in the capable hands of a good DBA team. The ITpreneur Database training is designed to deliver the performance and features that the IT industry requires.

The Oracle DBA professional is greatly in demand. Our Database training course will provide you the necessary skills to take up jobs as Database Administrators in top companies with good salaries.


PL/SQL is “Procedural Language extensions to SQL”. PL/SQL means ‘what to do’ through SQL and ‘how to do’ through its procedural way. SQL, PL/SQL helps programmers to write code in Procedural format. The most popular development application, Oracle, application, express [APEX] a browser-based tool that allows a developer to build a database application, through holding their SQL & PLSQL skills. SQL, PL/SQL Training for Oracle, SQL developer, a tool for database development, to manipulate SQL statements and SQL scripts, and to edit and debug PL/SQL statements. We have the best SQL classes in Pune for students with quality trainers.


According to Oracle, Oracle 12c is “the first database designed for the cloud.” The “c” stands for “cloud” to indicate that 12c is “cloud-enabled”. It features the help industry to make a strong database into private or public clouds.

Oracle 12c version was released on 1 July 2013. Our Oracle Course is applicable to those who want to learn Oracle, as a 12c course as well as SQL PLSQL.

If you have never been learned or worked with the Oracle Database system or any other RDBMS then come and join the ITpreneur Oracle Database training, our training is basically classified on Oracle & SQL classes in Pune with practical practices and knowledge.

ITpreneur offers SQL training in Pune with the half amount of the fees after getting placed in the company. We help to see job prospects in the field of Oracle Database SQL, PL/SQL in Pune, especially for beginners.

  • To provide students with requisite knowledge and skills to enable them to pursue a career in the IT Industry.
  • To provide skill-based professional training for career advancement
  • To provide the entry-level and mid-career professionals with concrete building blocks to create a path for full employment and a successful career.
ITP Advantages
  • Certified Trainers from the IT industry with a rigorous understanding of the specialized domain.
  • Lecture contents prepared by Industry expert
  • Live Projects to work on with IT industry standards.
  • Focus on cross-cultural and various onshore and offshore client-oriented trainings
  • Weekly workshop from industry experts
  • An innovative teaching methodology delivers in-depth knowledge with quality tailored programs that maximize a return on your investment.
  • Strategic Association for global certification
Structure The course will have regular classroom Lectures, Practical Sessions, Seminars, Tutorials, Case Studies, Assignments, and Exams.
  • Job aspirants/fresher
  • Undergraduates, Graduates, and Post-Graduates
Career prospective
  • PL/SQL Developer
  • Database Analyst
  • Oracle Database Admin
  • Oracle-ADF Developer
  • Data Modeler Engineer
  • Oracle Trainee Engineer
  • Oracle SQL Support Engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • Oracle HRMS Technical Consultant
  • SQL/PLSQL Support Executive
  • Oracle SCM Techno-Functional
  • Oracle Application developer

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