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Is data science a good career in india

Is Data Science a Good Career Option for You?

Choosing a career option comes with tons of questions. Which career path you should choose for your livelihood depends on how it aligns with your life goals.

Data science is one of the most-sought out disciplines and it has gained huge recognition in recent decades. A number of people are opting it as a career option.

However, a question may arise in your head. Is data science a good career choice?  Undoubtedly, it’s an excellent career option if you’re someone looking for such an option which assists you in  building a reputed and secured career.

With high demand, good salary packages, and great stability, the rapidly growing field is a go-to option.

Don’t feel convinced?

Let’s dive deep into this blog and learn how and why data science can be a lucrative career option for you. But before it let’s discuss what data science is and what you can become after taking it as a career option.

What is Data Science? 

Data science is a multidisciplinary approach for collecting goal -oriented information from vast amounts of data with the combined skills of mathematics, statistics, specialised programming language, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Various industries including IT, Health, Finance, e-commerce, Real estate, etc., require data science experts to extract valuable data-driven insights for data visualisation, fraud detection, sentiment analysis, decision-making etc., and create a huge high-paying job market for the data science professionals, called data scientists.

Advantages of Choosing Data Science as a Career Option   

#1. High Demand for Data Science Professionals

Data is a fuel to understand any industry and grow in it. Different organisations, especially IT and Big data industries, require data scientists to collect invaluable data from vast databases that help grow the business. With the increased understanding of the importance of structured data, the demand for data scientists has increased in multiple industries and organisations.

#2. International Job Offers 

Data scientists’ job is receiving global recognition. A person with good skill sets in data science can get a job in giant companies in various countries, including the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Switzerland etc.

#3. High-Salary Package

Data science experts can expect high salary packages. However, the salary depends on various factors like the industry type, experience, and location. The salary of a data scientist ranges from ₹3.6 Lakhs to ₹ 25.0 Lakhs annually in India. In Countries like the US, you can earn up to ₹1 Crore annually.

#4. Career Security 

Yes, Data science courses offer a safe and secure career. Since, Data will never end simultaneously; It’s present in massive amounts. It will always require someone to extract valuable data according to the requirements.

#5. Continuous Learning 

The data scientist job is an ever-evolving field that will always make you learn something new. If you’re someone who prefers learning, Data science is the best job for you. However, remember that to sustain your career in this domain, you must keep learning and stay flexible to adopt new features and introductions.

Required Skills and Qualifications to Be a Data Science Professional 

#1. Recognised Certificates 

Data science is a new and evolving field. Anyone with the right skill sets can pursue a career as a data scientist. However, a certificate from a reputed institute can help them search for a job and portray themselves as data scientists.

#2. Command Over Programming Language 

Python, R, SQL, Java, Julia, Scala, C/C++, and Java Script are top data science programming languages. Python and SQL are leading the field. Commanding over these tech languages can help you establish your career as a data scientist.

#3. Understanding of Mathematics and Statistics 

Data science experts use mathematical and statistical techniques to manipulate, analyse and extract information from data. So, data science aspirants with better mathematical and statistical understanding can excel in the field easily.

#4. Good Communication Skill 

Data analysis experts must have good Communication skills as they are required to convey complex information in a valuable and meaningful way to team members, clients, and stakeholders.

#5. Problem-Solving Approach 

Data scientists must pose a problem-solving approach. They need to think out of the box and structure the unstructured data in such a way that it helps businesses and aids in the decision-making process.

How to Build Your Career in Data Science?  

Here is a step-by-step guide for you to make your career in data science.

Step1: Learn and command data science skills efficiently to become a data scientist, as Data Science is a well-known and competitive discipline.

Step2: Must have a better understanding of various tools and patterns used by data scientists to develop and organise crucial information out of huge amounts of data.

Step3: Take online or offline classes that offer data science courses to learn data science skills in an efficient and organised way.

iTpreneur is one of the well-known IT training institutes in Pune. It provides certified data science courses of six months with 100% guaranteed placement, day one offer letter, and job-oriented training to the data science aspirants.

You can enrol yourself with iTpreneur Data Science Course in Pune, learn the required skill, get placed and establish yourself as a data scientist.

Data science is the fastest-growing field. Taking it as a career option is the best choice, unarguably. The leading IT training centre, iTpreneur, will help you learn data science skills and achieve your career goals in the field.

FAQs Related to Data Science as a Career Option

Is data science in high demand? 

Yes, Data science is highly recognised from the healthcare sector to finance, IT and big data industries, all of which require data analytics to obtain unstructured data and convert them into structured data.

Is data science a high-paying job? 

Yes, Data science offers high-paying jobs. You can simply search over any search engine, job portals, and professional platforms to learn how data scientists get reasonable salaries as compared to other fields.

Is a data science job difficult?

No, Data science is not a difficult job. With the right and organised skill sets, data science is absolutely one of the easy and exciting jobs.

Is data science dead in 10 years?

Absolutely not! In fact, data science has been booming in recent years with the introduction of new apps and businesses. It continues to bridge the gap between technical and business skills.

So, without worrying about job security, you can learn data science and excel in the field in order to enter the high-demand market.

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