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What not to do in an interview

What Not To Do in an Interview?

In an interview, your first goal is to make clear to the hiring manager why you-all other candidates also are the right person for the same job. With Your right skill set and personality, few more simple things which the hiring manager will consider. After all, a wrong move in an interview throws you at the back foot.

Here we are discussing some points which you should not do in an interview.

  1. Not researching Company:

You have the skills to do the job but do you know how the company operates? Check the ‘About Us’ page of the company and read their motive or mission. Find out what the product or services they are providing.

  1. Show up Late:

Showing up late to an interview is never an option. Turning up late implies your seriousness about the job and respect towards the interview’s time. So that get your route plan ready before going and have time to compose yourself before the interview.

  • Inappropriate Dressing:

One simple rule to remember, it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed. Professional attire is still proper business etiquette. Try your outfit the day before an interview and make sure everything fits, sort any accessories according to your dress.

  • Fidget:

Do not fiddle with unnecessary props like mobile phones, nail files, and chewing gum. Keep your hands and legs still, avoid touching things on the table or desk.

  • Body Language:

Keep in mind your eye contact, good posture and a firm handshake will show your confidence. Avoid looking down or refusing eye contact is a sign of your weakness or lying.

  1. Unclear answering 

Before your answer, the question takes time to think and avoid bumbling to an uncomfortable halt. Don’t give one or two-word answers. The recruiter is trying to get to know you. Talk to him or her. If you go into a shell, you probably won’t be hired. 

  1. A negative word about your current employer:

Do not complain about your current employer no matter how ineffectual they are. Avoid expressing how much you dislike your current employer and always be positive sound like a team player.

  1. Asking Question:

An employer wants to see whether you are interested enough for a post and want to hear more about the company. So prepare appropriate questions in advance, even if you already know the answers.

  • Lying:

At the time of an interview, anything written on your resume could be discussed. So avoid lying about your education, experience, or skills. Answer the questions honestly about your qualification and what is mention in your resume.

  1. Answering the Phone:

Make sure your phone is turn off while the interview going. Avoid checking and answering your phone during the interview process. Your attention can be divided into an interview by phone.

  1. Discussing money too early.

It’s not recommended that you discuss money or future work unless an offer is put on the table. Your financial issues are not a friendly topic so avoid them and keep your discussion professional. When the interviewer asks about salary expectations then be sensible with what you ask for.

  1. Follow-Ups:

If you might not think you’ve performed well in an interview but a simple email reiterating your interest is a courtesy that might just pay off in the long run.


If you have made a positive impression, keep up the good work and avoid these common interview mistakes and you will be near to your goal. With a professional resume and proficient persona, interview always eager to meet you. Back up this impression with positive body language and insightful questions, and just be clear of these needless errors.


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